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Server Status
Players Online: 41
Global v83

Dynamic EXP:
Level 1-10: 1x
Level 10-150: 6x
Level 150-200: 4x
Level 200-220: 3x
Level 220-240: 2x
Level 240-250: 1x
2x Meso
2x Drop



                                              Welcome to MapleOrigin!

Note: Many game update notes are posted to our Discord before being posted on our website. Make sure to join discord and check the #updates channel under the important category.


  • Level 250 Cap
  • Quest level caps removed & High amount of working quests (Ulu City, Ninja Castle, Neo City, etc)
  • Magic Cap removed [ + Mages Revamped ]
  • Movement Speed cap removed (Try Nimble Feet)
  • HP/MP cap increased to 32k
  • DPS checker (@checkdps)
  • Item Leveling system
  • Custom Innocence Scrolls to reset item levels
  • Vicious Hammer Enhancement System (Blackhole Marble Exchange)
  • HPQ/EPQ/KPQ/CPQ/LPQ/LMPQ/CPQ2/PPQ/OPQ/GPQ/CWKPQ/MVPQ/BossPQ Fully Functional - 16x Increased exp rewards! 
  • PQs have no level cap (aside from CPQ 30-60)
  • PQs award Perfect Pitch used for our GM Lilac shop (awards such as Giant Bullet, Onyx Apples, Immortal Pharoah's Belt, and previous season event rewards!)
  • Custom rankings! (Quests, monsterbook, chairs, plus more to come such as bossing and PQs)
  • Buffed Spawns:
    • Deep Ludi
    • MP3
    • CWK
    • Drakes
    • Aqua
    • Ariant + Magatia
    • Neo City
    • And many more!
  • Current Cosmetic items, Hairs and Eyes up to v2.17 [Shati, Mazra, and Big Headward, GM Nat, GM Wen, GM Mato NPC's in the FM]
  • Von Leon Expedition and Von Leon equipment
  • Buffed Party Exp [Party Play on all maps in the game]
  • Semi anti-leech with our Party EXP system that encourages group play
  • Indepth rework of most classes & new skill skins!
  • Buffed Elemental Damage on Elemental, VIP, VL, and Timeless weapons (non holy)
    • Doomsday Staff reworked and has a Holy buff
    • Shining Rods with % holy dmg for bishops
  • Type @commands in chat for list of available player commands! 
  • Home Hub Map - Free Market - @fm
  • Ring Effects - Crush/Wedding/ABR/DABR/WABR
  • NX Wing effects working
  • Dojo : Now rewards Dojo gloves!
  • Golden Maple Leaf Exchange for VIP weapons, Vega's Spell
  • GM Nicc Crafting System [Henesys or Free Market ]
  • Custom votepoint NPC
  • No Secondary Stat requirements on Equipment Items
  • No Pay-to-Win
  • Donor NPC with name change and cosmetics/pets/ label & char rings
  • MapleOrigin Launcher w/ built-in patcher
  • NX Gachapon - Talk to Mia in Henesys or the Free Market to exchange NX for NX Gachapon tickets usable at Nat and Wendy NPCS in the Free Market
  • Mule free boss expeditions 
  • HP gained per level is 1.5x
  • HP Washing disabled
  • Monster card HP gain system - Collect 5 of each monsters card to gain HP up to 11,340 HP
  • NX Rings: +1 all stat 
  • Items stack up to 1000
  • Maker Skill buffed


  • Lion Heart Castle
  • Ninja Castle + Castellan Toad
  • Ulu City + Krexel
  • Omega Sector Level 120+ Full Revamp + New Drops
  • Lachelein Tower - Seasonal
  • Corrupted Temple + Arkarium 220+
  • Fox Point Valley 10-30 & 170-220
  • Future Henesys / Ereve / Perion + Empress [Coming Soon]
  • Forest of Golem (Sleepywood) EXP Revamped
  • Pirates (Herb Town) EXP Revamped