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Spooktober Events! | Posted by Light on 10.12

Event is active

Witch Malady's Request - 
  - The Witches of Origin have finally arrived and would like to share their arcane powers with you! 
  - Collect Dark Token's from killing mobs throughout the world
  - Purchase and upgrade various Witch belts
  - Trade 10 tokens for a belt scroll! 1/9 Chance for Witches belt chaos scrolls
  - Trade 25 Dark Token for various Halloween event themed items! (Request more if we've missed any cool halloween event event exclusives!)


*Note: The Witch's Deep Purple Belt can only be scrolled with Witch's Belt Scroll obtained through the event gachapon at a 1/9 draw rate.
**The Belt Scroll is 100% pass rate +7 ~ -7**

Hello everyone today we would like to announce another event that is connected to our current Spooktober Event, with alternative way of obtaining the Witch Belt and Event scrolls. It will be RNG related instead.

Event Duration: Now Until 11/10 (When spooktober Event.)

Event Detail: Everyone will be Leveling An Item Called Bronze Football Helmet which can be bought in Perion Weapon Store. Event Item Requirement: Item needs to be 1 1 1 1 On All levels once at Max Level the total stats has to be 24 weapon defense without ANY scrolls and HAS to be CLEAN with 7 slots remaining.


Event Reward: 1 Witch's Deep Purple Belt + 3 Event Scrolls of your choice. IF YOU HAVE THE ITEM PLEASE CONTACT ONE OF OUR STAFF MEMBER TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE

Hi everyone! There will be an on-going Halloween Monster Haunt Event now until November 10th. Witches, Cats, Jack-O-Lanterns and more will be spawning all across the Maple World at random times; with or without notice.

Various amounts of Dark Tokens will drop from these monsters upon defeating them!

Happy hunting to all

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