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[Wipe] MapleOrigin Relaunch | Posted by slasso on 08.16

We've heard your feed back and have made significant adjustment to our in-game systems to focus towards longevity and balance. We have continued our skill balancing, exploit patching, and have enhanced almost every aspect of the MapleOrigin you knew and loved. Come and join on us...

Our goal is to have a server with a thriving, fun and lasting experience. As our current server has played out for months, we've noticed the lack of diverse playstyles and the limited longevity of the systems we have in place. We have been working on improving many of these parts of the game from feedback from our existing players. However, in the server's best interest and for these new features to have any impact, we have decided that we will be wiping the server.

We know that erasing your hard earned progress may seem harsh, but our goal with a wipe is to make the new Maple Origin experience feel fresh and more rewarding than before. Just a wipe for the sake of wiping would solve nothing and the same meta/gameplay would exist again. This is why we are overhauling many areas of our game for the better. In addition, there were many game breaking bugs that really hurt and accelerated the pace of progression in the server overall.


We are getting very close to the wipe, we should have a date very soon. Checkout out our discord for latest #updates, significant changes have been made. Also check out our latest up to date skill adjustments:


Further information about the problems we've had and are trying to solve are available in #announcements on discord as well.


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