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Scheduled Wipe 8/28 | Posted by slasso on 08.20

The launch date is set for Friday evening 8/28 (EST). That's 10 days from now. Wel will let you know the hour as we get closer, probably around 8pm EST. We will be rolling out 1 or 2 more updates in that time frame.

Compensation package (tenative, we are adding more): We'd like to give everyone that has an account the following:

- New custom medal with 1 watk, 1 matk. Wear this around to show your MapleOrigin pride (will also be available for 5 votepoints)
- 7 day Miu Miu Remote NPC Shop
- NX from voting will be doubled from 8/31 @ 8pm EST to 9/3 @ 8pm EST (3 days) 

These items will be redeemable from Mia in the FM/Lost Memories. In the case of multiple accounts, your account (based on hardware+ip) with the highest votepoints will be eligible to redeem the items. Thank you all for the support! Remember to check out #updates and our website to read up on all of the changes we've made in our server. Also vote to support the server. Last launch we had nearly 200 active players in the first week, let's see if we can match that.


Due to quite a few new players requests following tonights patch (8/19) we will be implementing a "beta" of sorts within the current server environment!(edited)

What this means for you? We will be increasing both the exp and drop rates server wide for a prolonged period of time to encourage new and old players alike to test out our changes that have already been implemented and additional content. This is also a great way for new players to gain access to our server wipe medal as well as name reservation NPC as your account will have logged votes before the servers wipe!

EXP rates are temporarily increased to 36x for beta testing purposes.

Not all updates and content are fully patched in as of this moment so expect changes over the coming days and for restarts every now and again.

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