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Players Online: 40
Global v83

Dynamic EXP:
Level 1-10: 1x
Level 10-150: 6x
Level 150-200: 4x
Level 200-220: 3x
Level 220-240: 2x
Level 240-250: 1x
2x Meso
2x Drop


Server Patch v83.27 | Posted by Light on 08.20

Patch Notes 8/19/2020

  • - Allow up to 2 votes per account in allowance with gtop100 IP restriction (you can vote on 2 different IP)
  • - Name reservation NPC (Nimakin) is now located in the FM until wipe (one name reservation by ip is checked. Anyone found abusing will receive a temp ban starting on the day of wipe and name reservations deleted)
  • - EXP system adjusted: * level 1-120 must be within 20 levels of attacker and at least 20 levels below the mob. * Level 120+ must be at least 10 levels below the mob otherwise you must be within 20 levels of each other to receive EXP.
  • - Added @playtime command (Tracking of playtime only starts now, so it will show 0 minutes played)
  • - Fixed FM exit portal
  • - Moved FM exit portal to center of map
  • - Giant Bullet can now be recharged
  • - Added missing descriptions to all commands (mostly GM)
  • - GM commands such as !item !drop now tag the item created and additional logging added. Certain GM levels will also only be able to create untradable items.
  • - Corsair Battleship Cooldown reduced from 90 seconds to 25 seconds
  • - Corsair Battleship Cannon and Torpedo range slightly increased
  • - Blizzard and Meteor now have no cooldown
  • - Blizzard and Meteor basic attack reduced from 570 to 390
  • - Blaze Wizard Meteor reduced from 500 to 340
  • - Haste skill for bandit/assassin increased to +60 speed and +23 jump. (@haste remains +40/+20)
  • - Client now redirects to instead (where applicable)
  • - Various client text edits to show MapleOrigin instead of Maplestory
  • - Client hair limit increased (will fix most bald hairs)
  • - Fixed d/c issue with Riche mob in El Nath
  • - Fixed Aerial Strike description from 6 to 12 mobs
  • - Fixed Vicious Hammer description to show up to 13 extra slots


Patch Notes 8/20/20

  • - Fixed issue with Marksman 4th job adv

  • - EPQ (lvl 45+) is now fully working with EXP, perfect pitch, and Altaire Earring rewards

  • - EPQ EXP buffed. (On 6x the whole PQ gives 420k EXP)

  • - Added @reloadskills, @reloadreactors GM commands

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