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Players Online: 39
Global v83

Dynamic EXP:
Level 1-10: 1x
Level 10-150: 6x
Level 150-200: 4x
Level 200-220: 3x
Level 220-240: 2x
Level 240-250: 1x
2x Meso
2x Drop


Server Patch v83.28 | Posted by Light on 08.22

Update 8/22 Server Patch  :

- LPQ and APQ now 100% working
- Adjusted GML shop with new items and prices
- GML from expeditions is gained on your first 2 characters (down from 3)
- Adjusted GML gained from expeditions (total 26 daily per character)
 * Pap = 1 (x2 daily)
 * Krexel = 1 (x2 daily)
 * Zakum = 2 (x2 daily)
 * Scarga = 2 (x1 daily)
 * HT = 3 (x2 daily)
 * Pink Bean = 6 (x1 daily)
 * Von Leon = 4 (x1 daily)
- Krexel expedition minimum level increased from 100 to 120
- Pink Bean Expedition minimum level increased from 120 to 150
- Fixed VIP Spear speed from Fast(4) to Fast(5)
- Adjusted VIP, reverse and timeless crossbow speed to match Von Leon Fast(5)
- Added description to weapons that give elemental buffs
- Added tracking of scrolled stats for future use
- Added activity tracking (PQ, Expeditions, JQ) for future use
- Add Hyper teleport rock to VP Shop
- Adjusted VP Shop prices
- Fixed hair+face options in donor NPC
- Fixed hairs causing d/c when browsing previews at big headward NPC
- Removed white scroll and perfect pitch that were obtainable from some NPCs
- Ground item limit increased from 200 to 400
- Fixed bug where you couldn't access/would disconnect when trying to access storage on a new account
- EXP is no longer lost when you die on OX Quiz map
- Megaphones now have a 20 second cooldown
- Fixed various strings for NPCs
- Disabled SoK, AP Reset, SP Reset, Wheels, Charms, Miu Miu from cash shop
- You can no longer leave jail by relogging/using the website to move yourself to Henesys
- You can no longer use megaphones in jail
- Jail now shows a timer of jail time remaining
- Jail now automatically warps you out to henesys when time expires
-[NEW] Lith Harbor Gachapon
- Maroon mop stats buffed (500wa 250str 150dex) and added to new Lith Harbor Gachapon
- Buccaneer and Thunderbreak Party disconnect issue has now been fully fixed. Hooray!



- Staff members no longer allowed to run guilds on their normal character or GM's

- Origin Staff Guild is the exception

- All Staff characters regardless of GM status or not will be made public to all players.


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