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Dynamic EXP:
Level 1-10: 1x
Level 10-150: 6x
Level 150-200: 4x
Level 200-220: 3x
Level 220-240: 2x
Level 240-250: 1x
2x Meso
2x Drop


Server Patch v83.29 | Posted by Light on 08.25

MapleOrigin Update 8/24:

New Zone Release!

< Corrupted Temple >

- Arkarium has invaded the world of MapleOrigin to further the black mages plans! The Temple of Time Guardians are requesting the help of all adventurers leveled 220 and above to head the call! Please help them fight back the forces of evil from further corrupting the sacred Temple of Time and stop them from achieving their goal of resurrecting the Dark Empress Cygnus who can call forth many powerful allies through time... The time is now Guardians of Origin!

- New Training Maps: Accessible via Three Doors in Temple of Time
  - Temple Ruin 1: Corrupted Wyvern : Lvl 220
  - Temple Ruin 2: Corrupted Cornian : Lvl 222
  - Temple Ruin 3: Corrupted Skelegon : Lvl 224
  - Temple Ruin 4: Corrupted Kentaurus : Lvl 226
  - Temple Ruin 5: Corrupted Time Monk Trainee : Lvl 228 
  - Temple Ruin 6: Corrupted Chief Memory Guardian : Lvl 230

- New Boss Expedition: 
  -  Arkarium Expedition 
  -  Level 220+
  -  Best in slot accessories obtainable via Arkarium's Expedition system
  -  Temporarily disabled for additional balancing with real ingame data following launch

  - Ergoth has been buffed to be a similar strength and defense to that of Pink Bean 
  - Level 180
  - HP 3,100,000,000  

- Disable purchase of Wheels, charms, SoK, Miu Miu from Cash shop
- Added new Trophy NPC "Kuma"
- Mia reworked for only mesos/misc related trades
- NX Gachapon NPC sprites changed
- Fixed Custom NPC's function labels
- Wand+Staff level 120+ now have no WATK
- 1H Swords and Axe level 120+ are now all fast(4)
- 1H BW level 120+ are now all fast (5)
- Made many wings untradable
- Fixed BW Magic Guard being dispelled
- @playtime command fixed
- @jail fixed
- Paralyze basic attack increased from 260 to 300
- Night Walker mastery additional stars increased from +200 to +450
- Fixed Typo in Spear Crusher description
- Red Ragged Cape now has +3INT instead of +3WDEF
- Super Stormcaster Gloves now start at +13 and cannot be hammered
- Added a description to SSCG stating the above ^
- Night Walker Alchemist effect durations increased from 150% to 200%
- Fixed freezing bug in Boomerang Step animation
- Fix bug where expiring items would stack and replace the expiration date
- Fixed frankenroid banish dc 
- Fixed dc in bosspq
- Fixed dc in dojo
- EXP System adjusted for under level 120.
 * Below 120 you must be within 20 levels of the attackers and that's it

 - "New" Word Server badge
 - Updated Channel Select message 
 - Updated MapleOrigin information bar at top of UI

 - Lowered number of maps saved in memory with drops per player

Patch Direct Download:


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