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Players Online: 7
Global v83

Dynamic EXP:
Level 1-10: 1x
Level 10-150: 6x
Level 150-200: 4x
Level 200-220: 3x
Level 220-240: 2x
Level 240-250: 1x
2x Meso
2x Drop


Server Patch v83.30 | Posted by Light on 08.28

WZ Update v83.30


- Added Origin Guardian to VP shop for 5VP (don't spend your VPs yet!)

- Added level 120+ requirement to exchange marble for hammer

- HP Wash now fully disabled

- Golden egg gacha now has dark cloud fox tail instead of the normal ones

- Added command @gender to change a player's gender. (work around for same sex marriage player must cc or relog for it to take effect)

- Added GM commands

- Updated NPC placement in FM.

- All Lost Memories NPCs now reside within the Free Market so the Lost Memories map will be repurposed.

- SP is now gained past level 200


Skill Adjustments:

I/L Archmage:

- CL damage scaled to 270% by level 30 with 6 mob spread

Blaze Wizard:

- Hell Fire buffed to 280% by level 30



-Fixed incorrect mob stats


Party Quests:

- Removed darkness effect in Romeo & JulietPQ

- Fixed CPQ spawns always choosing the same spot

- CPQ levels adjusted again * CPQ1: 30-60 * CPQ2: 61-90

- Fixed MPQ EXP on clear. Now gives total ~2.2m exp

- Stage 4 doors in MPQ now stay open until someone enters them



- Fixed description for BW hell's fire and I/L Chain lightning

- Snipe visual 100% crit fixed

- Changed crafting NPC sprite

- Fixed Trophy NPC animation

- Wedding timers reduced greatly

- Made all donor wings untradable

- Changed PB Hait and Suit to level 150 and moveable within account (they have custom 1atk/matk from a previous change)

- Fixed Frankenroid mob again

- Fixed typo in @playtime

- Wedding timers reduced

- Removed some hair/face options from Henesys cosmetic NPCs

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