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Global v83

Dynamic EXP:
Level 1-10: 1x
Level 10-150: 6x
Level 150-200: 4x
Level 200-220: 3x
Level 220-240: 2x
Level 240-250: 1x
2x Meso
2x Drop


Server Patch v83.31 | Posted by Light on 09.12

Update Log - v83.31

- Fixed a bug causing Hyper Teleport Rocks to duplication on failed use

- Removed all Hyper Teleport rocks with no expiration time

- Fixed a bug where characters could not be deleted

- Blaze Wizard's Hell's Fire damage has been reverted from 280 to 240

- I/L Chain Lightning damage has been reverted from 270 to 240. Mobs hit have been fixed to 6

- Crocky is no longer weak to fire and no longer resists ice

- Fixed bug causing Hyper teleport rocks to duplicatd (perma rocks will be deleted)

- Bowman hat quest has been fixed

- Corrected scarga GML from 1 to 2

- Fixed explosion damage to 180 server side (description still says 120 until a string.wz patch)

- Fixed R&J PQ portals on stage 4

- Fixed a bug that allowed people to carry SP into 3rd and 4th jobs

- Bucc d/c fix attempt

- Player's can no longer attack mobs about to be one shot by combo tempest (to avoid autoban)

- Wedding invites can now be resent if the receiving player's inventory is full

- Fix APQ npc location on 1 stage

- FM portals in rooms 2-5 fixed

- Fixed a bug with server magic damage calculation being higher than possible

-Blaze Wizard Hell's Fire is now unlocked upon 4th job adv

- Fixed Giant Bullets not being consumed

- Fixed Claw Mastery not giving the correct amount of stars when recharging

- Fixed a bug in Maple Warrior not applying extra INT into TMA

- Adjust Chain Lightning Scaling and fixed description

- Fixed Explosion description

- Fixed a bug where elemental weakness was not being applied server side to @checkdps weak

- Fixed a bug where Aran's were not gaining the last 40 SP on 3rd job

- You can now purchase 1000 at a time from Alcaster's

- Fixed a bug where beginners could not allocate SP

- AP now resets upon 1st job adv

- Equips that are trade disabled after equip (reverse/timeless, abr, etc) will now disappear when dropped if they've been equip

- Angelic Blessing now has SoK available

- White Angelic Blessing is now available in Crafting NPC

- Player's now see a message in chat when they receive mesos/nx/votepoint/rewarewardpoint compensation from a GM

- Fixed some mage weapons having incorrect % damage

- Buffed some LHC HP:EXP ratios

Crafting Update:

- White Angelic Blessing ring now requires 1 Spirit Jewel dropped by Arkarium.

New Rings: These rings will be able to be crafted using the their respective level 30 ring drops from Arkariums Expedition.

- Oracle Meister Eternal Ring

- High Lord's Meister Eternal Ring

- Guardian's Meister Immortal Ring

- Berkserker's Meister Immortal Ring

NPC Update (Map before you enter HTPQ) Encrypted Slate of the Squad

- Previously what does it do
+ What does it do now

- Allows anyone to enter even without 4001086 - Certificate of the Dragon Squad
+ Added check to check for 4001086 - Certificate of the Dragon Squad as per how the NPC is suppose to be

- NPC Only warps the person who has the Certificate 
+ Added party warp for anyone who has the cert to warp the party in as per how the NPC is suppose to be

GuildPQ Update Part 1 LIVE :

Arkariums dark influence has spread to Sharenian! Ergoth has become enraged and his health, attack, and magic power have gone up tremendously! 

HP 3.1bil
Stats: You find out ;)

GuildPQ Bonus:
- Now rewards the all new Pinnacle set at a low chance!

More changes coming soon


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