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[Completed 3-27] Server wipe & Relaunch TBA | Posted by Light on 03.06

Unfortunately due to various exp & item exploits during the initial launch of MapleOrigin and subsequent stability issues resulting in duplication of items by many players not even attempting to duplicate items, a certain map freezing with unlimited drops of mesos and chaos scrolls, as well as many rollbacks associated with the stability issue and after taking player feedback into account we as a team believe the best course of action going forward AFTER making sure as many performance optimizations are put in place as possible, as well as verifying that released content design can not be abused to gain unfair advantage would be to perform a server Wipe. This will resolve a number of things - initially I believed we could track the majority of abused items down which was true regarding items obtained before the server migration however at this point we cannot promise a level playing field between all players regardless of intentional abuse or not. This will also resolve a number of problems associated with Quests not working correctly for a number of players (this resulted in job advancement issues mainly as well as quests not working at all).

What we plan to do: We would like to implement as many stability and duplication patches as possible before wiping to avoid previous issues.

We plan on running various events following the relaunch of the server to help y’all get back to where you were as well as to help new players! Events and compensation tba.

GML system will be revised to avoid players with multiple accounts farming leaves through alt filled boss runs.

More information to come soon as well as a proposed timeline.

If you have any thoughts and major concerns you can private message me on discord!

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Feedback: Positive
Posted 9 months ago, on Mar 9, 2020